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Smart Print Manager

Access all of the critical information in one easy to read place. With our AI assistant and smart notifications, you’ll always know the status of your prints.


  • Automatic problem detection
  • Smart notifications
  • Easy to understand info

Problem Diagnosing Tool

Solve printer problems painlessly with our intuitive printer diagnostic tool. Using AI, we pull out insights that make it so you don’t have to take apart the machine just to find the problem.

  • AI insights that help identify problems
  • Historical and real-time graphics
  • Predictive part repairing

Live Setting Adjustments

Having to re-slice a print just to change some minor settings is painful. We allow you to make those changes while the printer is running so you can continue doing what is important.


  • Edit settings on the fly
  • Natural language G-CodeĀ 
  • Easily see where the edit will happen

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