We use AI to verify parts

as they are printed.

3D printers have moved forward

but the controls and sensors have not.

How can I achieve consistency across parts and printers?

How can I reliably know if my printer is having a problem?

How can I make sure every part meets required specifications?


Welcome to your new toolbox

3D visualizations and intuitive interfaces that enable you to understand and verify your parts.

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Real Time Part Analysis with Smart Notifications

No worry print operation with smart notifications.

Final Part Verification and Reporting

Verify your part for traceability.

3D Visualization
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We get our hands dirty too.

3D Printer Repair and Consulting

If something goes wrong we can be there physically or virtually to help troubleshoot and fix.

Slicer Optomization Consulting

Our in-house software, tests, and expertise is open for improving your slicer and machine settings.