A Smart Slicer for Printing Aerospace-Grade Parts

Our data-driven slicer makes it easy to press print and produce end-use parts on the first try. 

Settings that makes sense

Automatic Slicing using Part Specifications 

Instead of selecting from hundreds of settings that are interconnected and difficult to understand, our slicer takes your part specifications and automatically generates the optimal settings for you.

Instead of wasting time tuning in settings for every new part, simply press print and get a part that works every time. 

3D Visualization
3D Visualization

Problem Avoidance

In-Situ Monitoring

Our slicer connects to your printer during production, allowing us to identify problems during printing and course-correct so that your part prints without issue.

We then deliver that information to you with every part allowing you and your customers to verify that the print was produced to the specifications required. 

Problem Prediction

Insanely Fast Simulation

We provide some of the fastest simulation tools by using data to model the production process. The result is tools that run 100 times faster than traditional simulation tools without the need for a simulation expert.

It can take printing dozens of calibration prints to get a complex part right on a 3D printer. Use our tools to iterate your part digitally and save on materials and time. 


Our Partners

Consulting Services

Sensor Installation

In-situ data can allow you to identify why print errors are occurring and to certify a process. We will work with you to find the best sensors for your application. 

Optimal Process Parameters

Selecting the right process parameters is the difference between a part that is ready to fly and a part that won’t pass inspection. We use data to get you there faster.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Design or update parts that work for the process you are using. Simple design changes can take a part from unprintable to scalable using only 3D printers.

Custom Software Development

Out-of-the-box solutions don’t work for complex issues. For your problems that are hard to solve, we will work with you to develop custom tools that tackle your unique requirements.